Mould Die Storage Racks


Mould Die Storage Racks

Mould Die Storage Racks


Die and Mould racks are very convenient to use die / mould storage devices with a built in lifting and lowering chain hoist.

The drawers are sturdy and can be pulled out and pushed back with the load.

In order to remove a die or mould from the rack simply put out the drawer on which the mould is placed.

Pull the monorail trolley and the chain hoist above the mould. Attach the hook of the hoist to the mould.

Lift the mould with the chain hoist about 2 inches above the drawer.

Push back the drawer into the rack and lower the mould to the ground or to a pallet lying in front of the rack.

The mould can now be moved to the machine with a pallet truck. Simple isn't it.

Mould Racks are perfect for storing heavy goods such as modules, motors and tools.

The mould storage racks have one-way pullout shelve along with sheet base panel for making the
warehousing much simpler.

Manufactured using superior quality material, each rack handles 1500kg maximum weight.

The racks can easily roll out by hand and is perfect for storage of engine parts, dyes, fixtures,
tooling or items that require secure storage with simple access.

The shelves will be locked in the comprehensive position for utmost safety and the basic starter unit can be extended
to meet ever-changing storage requirements with add-on units.

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